Terms and conditions

At the time of receiving goods, every order is placed in printing queue. Depending on the printer availability our supervisor informs the date of delivery. Normally we start delivery after 7 days from the date of receiving goods.

We strongly recommended the customer to check their prints before delivery. Our supervisors pass the print quality before delivering it to customer.


Sometimes because of technical problems print order will be delayed, in such case our supervisor will inform the situation and extended or expected delivery times.

Urgent orders

If any order has to be processed urgently, we charge extra as per the quantity and time taken by such order. Our supervisor will inform such rate as per the company policy.

Our declaration 

Due to the variable involved with the process we are unable to guarantee the final color.


  • fabric lot and fabric composition (fiber content)
  • Ink and chemical lot
  • Process modification.

Every printer gives correct or desired colors on white fabric only. For example a particular pantone color no. or any other references like CYMK, RGB, HeX value can only be achieved on true white color like bleach fabric.

So we recommend bleaching pale fabric even if the fabric is RFD for better print result. Currently we do not process the fabric for RFD and bleach

Fabric supplied should be RFD (Ready For Dyeing/Printing). RFD fabric contents only the fiber. That is all impurities like, dirt, minerals etc., and added gum or silicon softener should be removed. Let there be fiber only as per label.


We recommend that at least an extra meter of fabric for each design due to test print because we steam and wash all our fabric. To test the color and design we need to do sampling, such preliminary work performed if not included in the given quotation then extra print charge will be charged.

Shrinkages and weight loss

With some fabric there may a degree of shrinkage, in some cases up to 15% and if the fabric has spandex then while printing it stretches (as per the spandex content). The stretching sometimes 2 times, hence we will have to charge the printed square meter actually printed by machine. We found up to 15% weight loss after full processing. So any case the bill is made in KG, we will make the bill as per the Goods received in kg.


Artwork should be shaved as RGB, TIFF preferably 300 dpi at actual print size. Or any vector files like, PDF, AI, SVG are also accepted. If you have any question regarding design kindly ask us we are happy to help.

Order processing

We require payment in full before dispatch. All finished goods remain the property of Digital textile printing Pvt. Ltd. Until paid in full.

Faulty print results

Even if we try our best, due to the situation beyond our control sometimes we have to compromise a bit in printing quality. So, depending on the fabric we get, we fix this rejection percentage by talking to concern person. Usually this percentage is 5%. If the rejection is found from fabric then customer has to accept as it is condition. If the rejection is from our processing then we make the fabric salable by converting it to customized design. If any other dispute arises, it will be resolved by mutual understanding.


We have designs collection these are non-copyrighted designs. We provide such designs free of cost. But if you have sample, our designer will develop using high end cameras, scanners and graphic tablets. The designing charge will be provided after receiving the sample and its instructions.


The printing charge of fabric is available on request. We fix the printing charge looking at the types of fabric, process involved and time taken during the entire process.  Any quotation given by Digital Textile Printing will be applicable if the quotation has not expired. Any factor beyond the reasonable control, like the cost of materials and other production costs we review and revise the printing charge periodically and inform the rate accordingly before accepting any order. The final bill is made including Vat, other payable tax, cost of packaging and carriage of goods.