Digital textile printing private limited, established on December 2017 is probably the first professionally managed digital textile printing service provider in Nepal. A group of highly successful garment manufacturers and exporters established this company following the most necessary concept of digitization. Compared to traditional way of printing, digital textile printing is less time consuming, less manpower oriented and accurate and error less concept. Exporting garments and other high end items like Pashmina and silk has some turnaround time, to finish the product with in a given period of time; we need fast printing process, which the traditional way of printing like screen print is unable to print within given time.Whereas digital print just need the design only, no design separation, no paper print, no need to expose the frame to develop the design separately for each color.

Traditional printing process only print geometric shapes with limited color range, whereas digital print is “what you see is what you get” with millions of color combinations.Digital print is the innovative concept which goes along with today’s digital world. Achieving print of your imagination with vivid, vibrant and lively with various customization options are the benifit of digital print.Our investors and management team are highly passionate about digital print. So working with us will definitely a better options. We think digitally, to print the fabric properly. From design to pre and post treatment we choose the processing and its recipe as per the given fabric composition. The processing other than printing part enhances the final print result. Our experienced team are always happy to serve our customer.

Message from Managing Director

Kabita Singh Dangol

Technology is rapidly changing and printing and processing is also changing as per the demand. Digital system are being applied in every aspect of life. Textile are integral part of life and traditional printing processes are so many shortcomings and they are not eco friendly and sustainable. So digital printing on textile gradually attaching the human life.Digital print actually converts the imagination in to reality with out being involved unnecessary traditional printing. Creating design and converting instantly on fabric is very interesting.
So considering benefit of digital process, probably the first one here in Nepal, we have started a professionally managed digital textile company.
I hope our printing unit satisfy all the customers by providing better print quality and timely delivery.